Monica Michael LPC | Neurofeedback
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Exercise for the Brain

Your brain regulates everything you do and think. Much like the muscles in your body, your brain can be strengthened by directed exercise. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive technology that translates the brain’s electrical energy (EEG) into useful information that the brain recognizes. As the brain interacts with this information it practices the art of self-regulation.

Do you…

  • Have trouble getting to sleep?
  • Sleep fitfully?
  • Wake up groggy or foggy-headed?
  • Experience racing thoughts?
  • Struggle to stay on task?
  • Surround yourself with clutter and unfinished projects?
  • Rely on caffeine and/or sedatives?
  • Struggle with mood swings
  • Feel controlled by your emotions?
  • Experience medically unexplainable migraines

All of the symptoms from the list above can signal a problem of brain disregulation. Ideally, your well regulated brain should be quite efficient at “shifting” gears as needed throughout the day. When your brain fails to make those transitions your sense of well being may be compromised. For instance, in the event of an emergency, your brain should go into high-alert and cause your body to tense for an appropriate response. Or when you descend into sleep, your brain should calm down and trigger relaxation in your body.

If your brain gets “stuck,” you might find yourself in “emergency mode” when no threat exists. A brain in “overdrive” can leave you feeling too anxious to focus or relax. On the other hand, if your brain is locked in “under arousal mode” when you are trying to be productive and creative, your “sleepy brain” may make it difficult for you to concentrate.

The exercising effect of neurofeedback can help reestablish the brain’s ability to shift smoothly and appropriately between these two extremes. Neurofeedback is a proven and effect training program that helps improve our brain’s responses to life’s challenges.

Everyone can benefit from a brain “tune-up.” This innovative brain-training technology, with the help of a skilled professional can help you respond more calmly to the people and situations around you. Since a training session looks almost indistinguishable from playing a cool video game or watching your favorite movie, neurofeedback is suited to people both young and old. Furthermore, because neurofeedback is also completely non-invasive and well researched it is especially well-received by those who prefer complimentary and alternative approaches to mental health concerns. View extensive research on neurofeedback at ยป

Exercise your brain to optimize your fight against ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and more!